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About Me


Hi. I’m Julie. When you grow up running around on an orchid farm like I did, "green thumbs" are pretty much built in. And so, apparently, is helping people with their plants, because they've always come to me with their plant questions. So when my dad suggested I take on the nutrient solution he created, it felt like a natural business to be in. 

All of us have failed at plants before (myself included) and that's okay. It's not a life sentence as a plant murderer, it's part of a process of finding the right ones to fit your environment and lifestyle so they become next to effortless. With the right tools and insight, anyone can have an indoor jungle. 

Being in the position to help turn homes into havens of nature in the city is a joy. Because let’s face it. We need as much of what plants bring to the world as we can get these days: the calm from being surrounded by living things; the oxygen; not to mention the affect plants have on a chic interior design. 

Building a business has been a challenge with a background in the humanities, and I’m reminded it’s all worth it when someone messages that their Christmas cactus is blooming in April, or their philodendrons were taking over the house so they had to give some away so they could walk freely around again. 

So I hope you'll stick around, visit the shop, and ask me your plant questions.

Happy growing, 

Julie Neilson